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mah favorite pictures here on DA!!


YOU ARE A TOY by TomPreston

Well "Toy" isn't quite the word I would use.. But.. Yea, you're right, once you think about it, it's pretty much just a toy at its core...


So, I've been asked about this a couple of times "Can you put my oc in a page of Badvibe" or something.
Well, now here's the journal for it, so that way I can keep track of all the asks.

Just leave your request and a ref sheet for your character on this journal via a comment and I'll see about getting you a cameo or two

And for the record, if you've asked previously, please let me know on this journal and link me your ref, just so we're clear kk? ^^
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I'm doing special theme icons on my FA for only  one dollar! Please check it out, I'd appreciate it
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: ff4- within the giant on guitar
  • Reading: screen
  • Watching: the monitor
  • Playing: SMASH WIIU!!!!!
  • Eating: dinner
  • Drinking: water
Reflections by DrJoshfox
"Mangle was startled when he suddenly awoke from his slumber, not in his bed. But on cold hard ashphalt. He, and his hologram friend Glitch, were laying on what looked like a parking lot.  Mangle got to his feet and  gaged his surroundings, he turned to his left and his right. But only saw mist. He looked directly infront of himself and saw an old restaraunt, a theme restaraunt of some sort it seemed. Mangle raised an eyebrow when he saw the name of the restaraunt 'Freddy Fazbears Pizza?' He quietly mumbled to himself. He and Glitch knew Freddy quite well, despite Mangle's brother Foxy constantly butting heads with the bear and warning them to "Stay away from that goody two shoes", and was familiar with the restaraunt Freddy owned where he along with his friends performed for all the children. But this one was clearly not that restaraunt. And yet it still seemed.. familiar, but in a cold, uneasing way.
 Regardless, he still felt compelled to see what this was. He walked up and it seemed like whoever was in charge had left the doors unlocked. Mangle wasn't sure if he was lucky or unlucky in this instance. Mangle and Glitch proceeded to enter the mysterious location, it seemed old and forgotten, and yet the lights were still on, as was the music over the P.A., playing a familiar song. 'The Toreador march?' ,Mangle mumbled to himself, Glitch responded 'Cause you know, EVERY kid'll appreciate the freaking Toreador march!' The two chuckled for a second, slightly easing the tension. Glitch always knew how to make Mangle feel better.
They continued to walk around the restaraunt, it was pretty big which suprised them. The duo eventually made their way down a rather long hallway. There were windows every so often, but the lights into the rooms they peered into were off, so Mangle and Glitch were unsure what the rooms were. As Mangle continued down the hall, he noticed two rather disturbing things; One, the temprature seemed to have dropped signifcantly, Two,the obviously more pressing matter, the hall seemed to go on forever. It seemed like they had passed that same window one hundred times. Regardless, they decidded to  just keep walking.
Eventually however, when walking past one of the windows, Mangle noticed an abnormality, out of the corner of his eye, in his reflection. Something was wrong, his relection, wasn't his, but that of something..monsterous, something metal, he ran back to see, but he and Glitches reflections were the same as they ever were. Mangle was relieved, clearly his eye had been playing tricks on him.. Right? Eventually both he and Glitch concluded that this was a pointless effort and decided to head back. But.. Something was amiss, when they turned around, it seemed that they hadn't even moved past the first window they saw. Like, as Mangle had noticed earlier, the hallway seemed to have just gone on forever and they were just passing by the same place over and over and over.
 Mangle looked around, now he was really scared, Glitch seemed pretty uneased too, Mangle bolted for the exit, with Glitch following, since he was connected to him afterall, but even if he wasn't, Glitch would have high tailed it out of their no problem.But as Mangle had scrambled for the exit, he suddenly stopped when a feint voice pierced his ears, two simple words 'It's me.' Mangle tensed up and stopped. Glitch was clearly irritated 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' he shouted angrily. Mangle responded simply 'Did you hear that?' he said 'That voice... it came from the stage...' Mangle turned around and saw something on the stage that clearly wasnt there before. A suit... of some kind. He approached it slowly. Glitch trying to pull away but obviously failing. As he walked, Mangle pressed a device he had in his vest pocket, a holo projector of sorts that he made. Glitch vanished back into it. Mangle no doubt wanted to keep his friend safe.
Mangle climbed up on to the stage, but he didn't get too close to the suit. As he was too terrified. As he got closer he noticed that it looked strikingly like Freddy Fazbear. But with a Gold tint and black souless sockets where it's eyeballs would be. The words echoed through Mangle's ears again 'It's me'. Mangle stopped in his tracks when he heard it, it sounded like it was coming from... the suit. He would not dare to get any closer.
Mangle prepared to leave and never return, but then the voice spoke again and said 'Come back!' , Suddenly flashing images of what looked like strange animatronics flashed infront of his eyes, what was worse was that they all looked like people he knew. Bonnie, Chica, Balloon Boy, even his brother Foxy. But there was one, one that looked like a horriffic metallic version of himself. the words echoed again 'Come back', before all Mangle could see was the face of the Golden Freddy, murmuring 'It's me' and 'Come back' Over and over again. Mangle screamed in terror, he fell to the ground and weeped. What did it all mean? Why was this happening?
 Suddenly the voices stopped. Mangle looked up, but felt.. different, he was in the same place, but the lights were off, and, it looked more clean, less dilapidated. Mangle tried to get up, but he couldn't, He couldn't stand, like his legs didn't work, he had to pull himself off the stage. Something had happenned to him, not only were his legs not working, but he couldn't speak, when he did, all he could hear was a loud blaring static noise, he dragged himself to the window he saw earlier to see his relfection, and what he saw, was that same monstorous robotic version of himself from the visions of the animatronics, the one he spotted from the corner of his eye too! Shocked, he let out a loud horrified staticky wail before. He flung up from his bed screaming in terror!
 He looked around and saw he was safe in his room, back on Foxy's House boat. Mangle turned on his desk lamp and scrambled to his mirror. Thankfully, he only saw himself, the Mangle that he always knew himself to be. He sighed in relief knowing that he was perfectly fine. Soaking with sweat yes, but still fine. Foxy bolted towards Mangles room, nearly slipping on the rug in the hallway. He scrambled inside. 'Mangle!' he shouted while holding his blade 'What's the matter?! Have some scurvy dogs boarded the ship?!' Mangle chuckled and sighed 'No Foxy, I just had a bad dream', he walked over and gave his brother a hug, he was just relieved it was all a nightmare. Foxy breathed a sigh of relief 'Ah that be a relief' he said 'I just got this sword sharpened ya know!' Mangle giggled as Foxy left the room. 'Good night Foxy' Mangle said to his brother. Foxy waved to his brother and headed back to his room. Mangle breathed a sigh of relief and walked back to his bed, but he had to do a slight double take, when he thought his reflection was again not of his, but of the monstrosity he became in his dream. But he was wrong. Relieved. Mangle climbed back into bed and fell quietly back to sleep. Knowing that whatever he had dreamt of, was only just that, a dream... Right?"

Alright, wrote a story about my version of the Mangle because pickles!

And there's a picture to accompany it! Because I like ya! A lot!

Had quite a bit of fun with this one, and I'm pleased overall with how it came out. Drawing animatronic Mangle was kind of frustrating though XD.
I didn't hear you knock by DrJoshfox
I didn't hear you knock
the drjoshfox mentality:

make a new character -> IMMEDIATELY DRAW FAN SERVICE OF HIM!!!

cause im weird like that.

*filtered for some potentinally sexual material"

(there is a slightly more ... revealing version of this pic on… nothing too intense, but didnt upload it hear just to be safe)
Casey Rowens by DrJoshfox
Casey Rowens

name: Casey Rowens

age: 19

sex: male

gender: male

build: very small

species: skunk

eyes: pink

hair: white

fur: black and white

sexuality: very very VERY gay

personality: whispy, very feminine, nervous, quite, nurturing


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Joshua , or just fox if thats easier , I'm known to be kind, sometimes shy, a little on the quiet side at times. and other times I'm too fabulous..err I mean...yea...fabulous.... for my own good

If I ever get a little bit clingy and weird you out, feel free to let me know, I seem to forget what boundaries are sometimes
:icontrollshroomplz: yay a plz account for something I made! Of course I made it.... I just sound pathetic...

wii friend code:
6889 3921 3303 7834

3ds friend code: 2981-7892-3508

miiverse username: drjoshfox

xbox live username: drjoshfox

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Blue! by Avis-Hope :thumb280067508: Heinz Doofenshmirtz Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Eggman Stamp by Static101 Eggman Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Eggman Stamp 3 by JetProwerTheFox
:thumb261102026: Eggman equals Robotnik stamp by EdwardtheHedgehog Wreck-It Ralph Clapping Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa
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Harley Quinn Fan Stamp by Greenpandagirl Goddamn batman - TEXT by LoganStonehurt Batman Dark Knight Stamp by Calaval
:thumb277903727: Epic Mickey by azianwolfdoll Sweet Kiss by GeminiGirl83
:thumb252609830: ANTHRO STAMP by SonicSpeederGirl :thumb191724881:
:thumb203519375: Anti MickeyXOswald Stamp by KoopaLink799 -.-Matthew Stamp-.- by VenomousViper3o
Canada Stamp by phantom Luigi: More than a sidekick by LiMT-Art
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SaSASR: Eggman User by MammaCarnage Classic and Modern Sonic by LeafGreen1924 Classic and Modern Tails by LeafGreen1924
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Vampire Joker Stamp by ChaseYoungIsMine Joker's Gun Trick Stamp by Gokulover4ever Gaston is the best  stamp by mariekelikestodrawn
Lol Face by ovstamps Stamp - I support DINNER by kuchinawa King Stamp (UPDATED VERSION) by ToaJahli
Scrooge McDuck Stamp by kaorinyaplz Patrick star by So-ghislaine I'm not Religious - Stamp by dark-rukario
Uke Pride Stamp by LilyFlare I'll get you a hot beverage by PsychoMonkeyShogun DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
I love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipii Vegeta UT Stamp by Dbzbabe such a troll. by xPine
Opinions Stamp by bladebandit :thumb131121221: Luigi Stamp by yukidarkfan
Ponify stamp by LacedHarlot Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple :thumb292880127:
Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin :thumb259258829:
:thumb270540646: TV Is Not A Crime Stamp by Toonfreak Queen Chrysalis stamp by Chrysalislover
and you can draw more than pony hate art by pixelat0ry I laugh at fandom haters by prosaix I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw
Sarcastic Stamp by LightningChaos2010 Eggman fan stamp by DrJoshfox :thumb306255719:
Spitfire Stamp by jewlecho Itsuki Koizumi by Gilligan-Stamps Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
Ugly barnacle stamp by ARTic-Weather I talk to myself... by prosaix DA Stamp - Pizza 01 by tppgraphics
:thumb177935622: Professor Layton Stamp_Layton by babo-stamp Friends stamp by Meddle689
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.:Stamp Box 360:. by UndeadWhiskey Wii60 LUV :STAMP: by jpfan1989 Eggman love by xRubiMalonex
Modern Tails love by xRubiMalonex Disliking Sonadow IS NOT Homophobic by Vertekins Strange, isn't it? Stamp by seashellby
Silver love by xRubiMalonex SSBB stamp: Pro Sonic Player by HypaSonic hate school but need it stamp by esthelar
Dont Trip on Yourself by Sergeant-McFluffers Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette
Shadow759 stamp by ARTic-Weather I Would Really Appreciate It by scapegoatie stamp: Surprise Kitteh 1 by SimbiAni
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:thumb369695747: Stamp: The Sonic Cast by sonicinterface Not all Sonic fans are idiots by SA948-Stamps
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Garry (Anime) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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<3: :iconmysterytale:

my best friends (in real life and on DA)

my brother: :iconjordan-echidnax:

likes:most Sonic games,most Sonic characters (Especially Tails, Eggman, and Silver),,hangin' with friends, most Mario games, most Mario characters (especially Luigi), drawing, watching movies, cornergas,anime,Batman, old cartoons, Viz media, Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Konami, FMA, Castlevania, Kingdom hearts, old school disney, Tatsunoko, Marvel,DC, Starwars, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzymia, My little pony friendship is magic...the list goes on..

dislikes: Modern cartoons (for the most part), live action disney sitcoms, the Jonas brothers, Naruto, fanboys, constant remakes, trolls,Recolours,4kids, alot of the people at my school, Geography, Justin Bieber, just about any modern day fps, Capcom (with a few exeptions.... but I'm sorry, they've sold out....)

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Personal Quote: "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" - walt Disney


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So, I've been asked about this a couple of times "Can you put my oc in a page of Badvibe" or something.
Well, now here's the journal for it, so that way I can keep track of all the asks.

Just leave your request and a ref sheet for your character on this journal via a comment and I'll see about getting you a cameo or two

And for the record, if you've asked previously, please let me know on this journal and link me your ref, just so we're clear kk? ^^
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